About Us

Biltong Canada, a South African family owned and VIHA (Vancouver Island Health) approved food manufacturing business is situated on Vancouver Island in Victoria, BC Canada.

Paul has been in the food, bakery and meat industry almost all his life, as a teen working on weekends in the family butchery business, to formalizing his training as a chef in Durban, SA in the early nineties, and later a long career in the Bidvest Group in the Bakery and Butchery Ingredient export division before emigrating from South Africa. 

As Immigrants to a new country we understand that as much as one can assimilate and "fit in" to your new home and surroundings, there will always be a cultural tie, that leaves you yearning for your roots, your family left behind, your childhood memories and favourite foods that unite us as South Africans.

We have perfected the recipes of what we believe are the quintessential flavours you remember from your South African Butcher. The taste of that perfect 'boerie on the braai', to the favoured and savoured Biltong, delicious Droëwors and Chilli Bites. We source the finest Grass fed Canadian beef, to bring you the ultimate and tastiest Biltong and Boerewors this side of Pretoria. Don't take our word for it, check out our product reviews, they speak for themselves.

Don't live without anymore, treat your family and your Canadian friends to the tastes and flavours of home 🇿🇦.

If you have requirements outside of what is available in our online store, please contact Paul directly.