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We offer free local delivery in Victoria and surrounds, for orders over $70 and within the local Victoria area and immediate surrounds. If your order meets this criterion, you will automatically be offered the free local delivery option at checkout. If you enter your address and it does not give you the LOCAL DELIVERY option, and you are sure it falls in the Victoria area, please contact Paul directly, it may just be a shopify system address issue (usually postal code conflict ie Shopify expects your address to be X and you know it to be Y).

Mon – Friday, orders must be in no later than Thursday (close of business) for Friday delivery. Usually expect your delivery the next day, (Occasionally it could still be on the same day if there is a trip into your area, I will always try and deliver if I’m coming into your area.) deliveries are usually made late afternoon / early evening. 

Sat / Sun, There will be no “special deliveries” on weekends especially for a single orders. As always, if I am making a trip into town, I will try and get your order to you, but this is not guaranteed. If your order is placed Friday – Sunday you should get delivery on Monday after the weekend.

If there is a “BRAAI EMERGENCY” and you need something urgently, please phone Paul directly to discuss. I understand these things and I’m always willing to “Maak n plan”.



We understand that shipping door to door is an additional expense, as such, we have negotiated the best rates possible from the courier companies for you. Real-time rates from the service providers are shown at checkout. The larger your order (more items) the lower the per item shipping cost is. i.e 1 pack of sliced biltong will incur the same shipping charge as 6 packs of sliced biltong etc. So you save by ordering larger quantities. Please note in order for us to offer you the best possible service and the outstanding quality you have come to expect from biltong Canada, any orders received between Thursday evening and Sunday evening, will only be shipped out on Monday morning, this is to ensure that you receive your order in the best condition possible.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. 

- Biltong Canada Team - #tasteslikehome

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