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Boerewors Burger Patties

Boerewors Burger Patties

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** Boerewors is only available for local delivery in Victoria,BC

If you try to order Boerewors but do not live in Victoria,BC you will get an error at checkout. **

The next best thing to Boerewors on a Braai, is Boerewors Burgers on the Braai / Barbecue. Enjoy these succulent Beef and pork burgers, boldly flavoured with strong coriander notes, rounded off with a hint of clove, nutmeg and black pepper. The true taste of South Africa. 

Of course, we realise the Canadian weather won’t always allow for a good ol’ BBQ and we’re nothing if not flexible. Which is why our Traditional Boerewors Burgers are also delicious when grilled in the oven or fried off in a skillet. Whichever way it goes in, the result remains the same. 

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